Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DSLR craze and why I stick to Point and Shoot

DSLRs suddenly became very popular. Before, only professional photographers own one, but now that prices are getting more affordable, even hobbyists like us can splurge on one. However, I still stick to the Point and Shoot.


1. DSLRs are getting cheaper already, yes, but its still and will likely always be more expensive than the point and shoot.

2. They can be very bulky and when I travel its so difficult to bring them around wherever I go.

3. Theyre features maybe a lot but I don't really need it.

And this is the whole point of my blog post.

I say I choose Point and Click's not because I think DSLRs are not great, but because based on my priorities and needs, the Point and Shoot works better for me. The important thing to find out is what kind of photographer are you. If you choose convenience and light-weight over many features and more control, then choose Point and Click. But if you're serious with your photographing then you go and get your DSLR.

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